QuickCharge.sg EV chargers are designed with user-centric functions and are compatible with all car brands and models.

The perfect EV charging for your workplace

We offer a range of electric vehicle charging solutions—chargers, software, and services. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, powered by intelligent software, and installed and serviced by certified professionals.

Hassle-free EV charging

Our certified installers ensure your stations are installed quickly and maintained regularly. You can also settle charging costs between stakeholders effortlessly thanks to our automated payment flows.

A sound investment

Our affordable charging solutions allow you to effortlessly expand your charging network's capacity. The chargers' remarkable uptime ensures that your overall ownership expenses remain minimal. Furthermore, you can generate extra income by establishing charging fees for guests.

Reach your green goals

Provide your employees with the convenience of workplace charging while adhering to the latest sustainability guidelines. Our charging solutions enable you to produce reports on charger usage, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Workplace Charging Stations

Standard Charging
Quick Charging
Super Quick Charging
Aurora 7 / 11 / 22
Venus 30
SGD $2,280*
*price before GST

Aurora 22

Stylish Design for Private & Public Application
  • 7kW/ 11kW/ 22kW Charging Power
  • Compatible with All EVs
  • iF Design Award Winner
  • Wall or Column-Mounted
  • Charge & Earn™
  • CE, TR25 Certified, LNO granted.

<3 to 6 hours charging time.*

Monthly Maintenance:
S$50/month *

*AC charging time depending on EV’s onboard charger.

SGD $14,990*
*price before GST

Venus 30

Flagship DC charger for Private & Public Application
  • First ever 30 kW/ 60kW DC Charger in Singapore
  • Compatible with ALL EVs having CCS2 Connector
  • 7-inch LCD Touch Screen
  • Wall or Column-Mounted
  • Charge & Earn™
  • CE, TR25 Certified, LNO granted.

<1 to 2 hours charging time.

Monthly Maintenance:

From SGD $41,990*
*price before GST

Titan 120/ 180

Improved Future-leading High Power Charger
  • 120kW/ 150kW/ 180kW Charging Power
  • 2x DC CCS2 Connectors or CHAdeMO optional
  • 7-inch LCD Touch Screen
  • Charge & Earn™
  • CE, TR25 Certified, LNO granted.

<1 hours charging time.

Monthly Maintenance:

Installation and Support

Certified Installation

Our certified installation partners guarantee a safe and speedy installation of your charging stations at the most suitable locations on your site.​

2-year warranty

Experience peace of mind with our 2-year extendable warranty on all our products. Furthermore, you can benefit from automatic firmware and software updates.

Optimize your energy usage

Speak with one of our experts to minimize peak demand charges, optimize power usage without overloading, and avoid or delay the expenses of upgrading your grid connection.

It’s free and takes less than two minutes!

Interested in transforming a part of your premises into an EV charging point? Contact us to know more.
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We facilitate loan facility services for interested customers. This service is only applicable for commercial customers and not for personal loans.

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Cost for each cost component50% co-funding on each cost componentTotal co-funding amount
Example 1:
Charging system = $3,000
LEW fees = $2,000
Cabling and installation cost = $1,500
= $1,500
= $1,000
= $750
= $3,250
Example 2:
Charging system = $5,000
LEW fees = $3,000
Cabling and installation cost = $2,500
= $2,500
= $1,500
= $1,000 (sub-cap of $1,000 on cabling and installation cost)
= $4,000 (overall cap of $4,000 per charger)
Example 3 (2 chargers):
Charging system = $9,000
Average per charger = $4,500

Total LEW fees = $4,000
Average per charger = $2,000

Total cabling and installation cost = $5,500
Average per charger = $2,750
= $2,500 per charger
= $1,000 per charger
= $1,000 (sub-cap of $1,000 on cabling and installation cost)
= $4,000 x 2 (overall cap of $4,000 per charger)
= $8,000

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Free Site Evaluation

Our professional electrician will:
  • Identify and determine the power supply at your premises;
  • Understand technical requirements;
  • Propose location(s) for charger installation;
  • Ensure your power supply can safely support the power requirements of your charger; and,
  • Document the site visit.