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Frequently asked questions on EV charging related issues.

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We offer consulting, planning and deployment of EV charging turnkey projects in compliance with safety regulatory framework EMA-LTA TR25 that includes the installation of EV chargers purchased from us.

Regular household socket: 8 – 10 hours (Forbidden in Singapore according to EMA TR25)
Charging Station: 4 to 8 hours
Fast Charger: 30 mins to less than 3 hours

In Singapore, the average cost of charging any EV is around 50 cents per kWh.
Let’s say your electric car has an empty battery with 50 kWh battery capacity.
Charging your EV would amount to a total of 50 x 0.50 = S$25.
Most electric vehicles have a range of 100 kilometres with 15 kWh or S$7.50.

In Singapore there are two types of common charging connectors.
For AC, it is Type 2 connector.
For DC, it is CCS2 connector.
Note: Some Japanese make such as Nissan Leaf are using CHAdeMO connector.

All our EV chargers are rated with IP54 and IK10 and comply with international safety standards.

However, in the event of heavy rain and/or lightning, please refrain from using charging points located in unsheltered areas.

Generally, the higher the power ratings, the faster the charge time. Note that AC charging is limited to EV’s onboard charger to convert AC to DC energy to be stored in the battery. With a DC charger, the energy conversion is built in the charger itself, hence the energy can be directly transferred to the car battery at a higher power rating.

 Yes, all models of QuickCharge EV chargers are compatible with most EVs.

You can book a non-obligatory complimentary site evaluation with us at +65 80 36 36 36

To prolong battery life, most EVs are designed to automatically stop or slow down DC charging after their batteries have reached around 85-95% charge to prevent overcharging.

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We facilitate loan facility services for interested customers. This service is only applicable for commercial customers and not for personal loans.

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Cost for each cost component50% co-funding on each cost componentTotal co-funding amount
Example 1:
Charging system = $3,000
LEW fees = $2,000
Cabling and installation cost = $1,500
= $1,500
= $1,000
= $750
= $3,250
Example 2:
Charging system = $5,000
LEW fees = $3,000
Cabling and installation cost = $2,500
= $2,500
= $1,500
= $1,000 (sub-cap of $1,000 on cabling and installation cost)
= $4,000 (overall cap of $4,000 per charger)
Example 3 (2 chargers):
Charging system = $9,000
Average per charger = $4,500

Total LEW fees = $4,000
Average per charger = $2,000

Total cabling and installation cost = $5,500
Average per charger = $2,750
= $2,500 per charger
= $1,000 per charger
= $1,000 (sub-cap of $1,000 on cabling and installation cost)
= $4,000 x 2 (overall cap of $4,000 per charger)
= $8,000

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Free Site Evaluation

Our professional electrician will:
  • Identify and determine the power supply at your premises;
  • Understand technical requirements;
  • Propose location(s) for charger installation;
  • Ensure your power supply can safely support the power requirements of your charger; and,
  • Document the site visit.